Teplice sightseeings

Zámek a Zámecká zahrada

Château and Château Garden

The seat of former owners of the Teplice manor. The last owner was Clary-Aldringen dynasty who built up Château Garden, the original French parc, lately English parc. The parc serves as a place to relax, sport (skating) and for cultural events (Château House). Near the garden, there is Château Square with the ortodox church Povýšení sv. Kříže and catholic one sv. Jana Křtitele.

Doubravská hora

Doubravská hill

The hill on the edge of Teplice with medieval castle Doubravka on its hill (392 meters a. s. l.). On Doubravka hill, there is a fantastic sight down on Teplice, Ore Mountains and surroundings.

Botanická zahrada

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Teplice follows the tradition of exotical flora growing in Teplice. It is situated on the edge of the spa quarter Šanov.



Central Teplice spa resort providing guests with accommodation and spa services.

Nové lázně

Nové Spa

Originally Sirné Spa (sulphur), in 1712, Russian tsar Peter The Great bathed in. Serves for the locomotor system treatment nowadays.

Culture and sport

Krušnohorské divadlo

Krušnohorské Theater

Krušnohorské Theater was built in years 1921 to 1924 and from those times it serves as a large compound for cultural events, from performances and concerts up to balls.

Dům kultury

The House of Culture

The House of Culture is a place where various cultural events are being held and simultaneously the seat of Severočeská filharmonie (Northern Bohemia Symphony Orchestra) Teplice. This group used to be led by world's famous conductors and it has also experienced several foreign tours (Germany, southeastern Asia and many others).



Jazzclub Teplice resides in Château and it represents Czech and foreign jazz artists.

Fotbalový stadion Na Stínadlech

Football stadium Na Stínadlech

The tradition of the football in Teplice reaches as far as to early twenties. From those times, it has been being kept both at top and hobby level. The seat of the 1st league team is stadium Na Stínadlech. The team has also juvenile groups.

Sportovní hala Teplice

Teplice Sport Hall

Teplice Sport Hall is situated near the football stadium Na Stínadlech. Besides sports, there is also a gym, a restaurant and a hotel.

Plavecká hala

Swimming pool

The swimming pool provides guests with the opportunity to swim in 25-meter pool. There is some attractive elements for childen as well, for example water slide. A sweat room, fitness and squash hall are also the part of the compound.


Ore Mountains are one of the favourite touristic aims of Teplice region. One of the most visited place is Komáří vížka hill easily accessible with cable car. Near Teplice, in the Central Mountains, there is a dominant Milešovka hill with a weather station. In summer, the residents of Teplice enjoy Barbora lake in Oldřichov.

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