Prosetice Hillside - Letná-Belveder

The northern hillside Letná in Teplice represents a jewel among the developing areas of the city. This location used to be preserved for future construction of city amenities (hospital, educational compounds, spas).

The construction of the family houses in this area was being arranged due to the politicians in late eighties. At first, the construction should have been realized by DRUPOS Liberec syndicate. In 1991, still in KBV, the preparation of the construction site was successful in northeastern part of the hillside. The most part of the investitions went to each estate delimition. However, the construction itself has not begun due to the social and political transformations.

In 1995, the company ALFA Capital started out two terraced houses construction right after the privatization northeastern part of the hillside, according to the project of Ing. Opletal. Terraced buildings in Bořivojova street have been finished and sold to private owners in two years. Simultaneously, the construction of family houses in other areas of this part of the hillside has begun, this has covered the areas left between the school playground and terraces and around the new roads of northeastern and northern border of the area near the open-air theater.

The project of DRUPOS mentioned above has planned to build up approximately 102 housing units with 414 residents in 67 houses. There is not included other constructions on neighboring areas no. 2655 and 2656 in these capacities. The limiting factor of this construction was limited supply of water incl. poor pressure conditions. The complete reparation is a part of the project nowadays.

From historical point of view, there is worth mentioning a regulation plan for an apartment construction – this plan was signed by significant Austrian urbanist Camillo Sitte who has operated in Wien and also in Bohemia, Austria-Hungary Empire in those times.

The following reproduction of the regulation plan from Bildarchiv Foto Marburg shows a proposal of the housebuilding on Prosetice Hillside from 1900. According to the other sources, C. Sitte has also participated in several other proposals of the housebuilding in developing locations in the city of Teplice. The principles of founding new cities described in his book are obvious up till nowadays in some parts of Teplice built around 1900 (e. g. Following streets: Lipová – Čelakovského, Potěminova – J. K. Tyla – K. Čapka, E. Krásnohorské and many others).

Construction characteristics

The construction of building section 'Belveder' (BS Belveder) is situated in the southern part of the hillside Letná, in the southern part of the housing and spa area of the city of Teplice.

The construction areas are limited with Bořivojova street and its houses from northeast, with family houses in the Na Červeném Vrchu street from northwest, Bystřanská street from southwest and Plynárenská street on southeast. On the eastern side - along the road, there are areas and buildings belonging to local primary school, playground included.

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